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Welcome to McPherson Labs

If you want the best DHEA, you have come to the right place.  McPherson Lab's Ultra Micronized DHEA may cost a little more, but you are assured of the highest quality and potency.

We sell only the highest quality products and we guarantee labeled potency.  McPherson Labs' ultra micronized DHEA had been used in placebo-controlled clinical trials on human subjects at several prestigious research universities and hospitals.  The study results have been published in leading scientific journals. Many of the study patients have become our loyal customers.

If you are a clinical researcher and need dhea tablets and matching placebo tablets for your dhea research, please contact us for special discounted pricing.

Company Profile

McPherson Labs first began operations in Rockville, Maryland USA in 1995. The main emphasis for the company is in providing high quality and effective anti-ageing supplements to its customers. In year 2000 McPherson Labs relocated to Stafford, Texas USA. McPherson Labs has international distributors for some countries in Europe and is actively seeking distributors for its range of products to fill in the distribution network in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

We strive to provide high quality supplements at affordable prices.  International customers are welcomed!